7x24 Exchange Fall 2017, Oct 15-18 Registration is Open

Registration is open for 7x24 Exchange Fall 2017 conference.

For those of you have not attended a 7x24 Exchange conference you can check out James Coe's keynote from the spring conference where he presents a perspective on how the data center industry has changed over the years and what the future will be like.

Keynote: The Future of the Enterprise Data Center
James Coe, PD, RCDD
Senior Principal, Director of Critical Facilities, Syska Hennessy Group

7x24 Exchange Spring 2017 Keynote - Creative Problem Solving The Mars Lander Challenge

It has been 5 years since Curiosity landed on Mars and NASA is celebrating sharing videos like this one.

For the Spring 2017 7x24 Exchange Conference Adam Steltzner presented

Conference Keynote

The Right Kind of Crazy: A True Story of Teamwork, Leadership and High Stakes Innovation

I've been staring at my notes and thinking about the keynote for months and it just wasn't coming together. Adam's keynote was one of the highest rated keynotes given and I agree. Part of the reason why the presentation worked is because Adam was not super polished the way some presenters can be. He came across as an engineer who had a passion to solve the tough problem of landing a one ton vehicle on Mars.

After months of trying to write. Yes I kept on trying for months, but it didn't work and the words didn't flow. The story Adam was telling is of being creative in problem solving. How to land Curiosity on the Mars surface. What the team knew is trying to use what had worked in the past was not going to work for a 900kg payload.

Going over my notes here are some pointsAdam made which is why his presentation was so popular.

Adam described leadership as a service. In comparison to a project management approach which doesn't necessarily focus on leadership skills to rally the team to solve a difficult problem.

Adam would wake 2:30a. Run the risks is his head. Then figure out how it impacts the project.

Much of the data came from failure analysis of past efforts which may not of compromised past missions, but could be catastrophic for Curiosity.

To innovate and rise to the challenge in a mission critical environment Adam stressed to "separate the ideas from the people who hold them." Getting his team to accept the intense review of ideas was key to be creative.

Why did it all work?

Adam switched to "Hold on to the doubt!" Constantly accept that they may not be right.

"Planning is everything. The plan means nothing."

"The process of planning is preparation for the future."

"Falling in love with the plan bypasses the truth."

"Why do we do this?" Adam says this while staring at the image of Curiosity on Mars.

Adam's keynote is one of those that sticks with you and I know others will refer to his presentation. These are the type of keynotes that have lasting value and help all of us be better.

Power of Free WiFi has thousands signing up for 1,000 hrs of community service

Free WiFi has a power over people who want to be connected. As a joke  Purple wifi got 22,000 people to sign up for free wifi in exchange for 1,000 hrs of community service. 

  •   Do you read the terms and conditions? Probably not. No one does. And so, inevitably, 22,000 people have now found themselves legally bound to 1000 hours of community service, including, but not limited to, cleaning toilets at festivals, scraping chewing gum off the streets and “manually relieving sewer blockages”.


  • The (hopefully) joke clause was inserted in the terms and conditions of Manchester-based wifi company Purple for a period of two weeks, “to illustrate the lack of consumer awareness of what they are signing up to when they access free wifi”. The company operates wifi hotspots for a number of brands, including Legoland, Outback Steakhouse and Pizza Express.

Free WiFi has an amazing expectation. Are you thinking about it? 

Making a great burger by going to a smaller slider size bun

Burgers are a staple of the summer cooking. Cooking burgers that are from the butcher, Costco in frozen patties is the easy way.  But after my family said some of what I cooked wasn't that good decided to look for something better. Shifted to organic beef from Costco in the 21oz packages. The problem is the 21 oz is an awkward size for dividing up.  There are four us.  Dividing up into 6 was easier and more reasonable amount of 3.5 oz of beef.  But that size is way too small for a hamburger bun, but a slider bun fits.

There are three parts of my sliders that take time - bacon, caramelized onions, and the burgers.  Part of why I think people like my burgers is I am not in a hurry. 

I oven bake the bacon as I find it easier to cook a whole package at once in cookie sheets. Here is a serious cook's recipe for oven baking bacon.  But I don't do it the fast way. I modify the recipe cooking at a lower temperature of 325 for 30-40 minutes until the bacon is starting to brown all over, then turn down the heat to 150 and cook for another 30-45 minutes. I accidentally added the finishing step of 150 for longer time and found I could walk away and not worry about the last finishing.  Everyone likes the bacon and the clean up is much easier not going for a higher temperature. The bacon fat can easily be drained into Tupperware for reuse in recipes that need bacon fat.

Caramelized onions I'll also slowly cook allowing an hour. Here is one recipe with tips. I use butter and olive oil with salt and pepper. Last time I tried a bit of bacon fat.  Slowly cook over medium heat in cast iron. The browning doesn't occur until 30 minutes cooking.  When the caramelized browning covers all the onions, then I reduce the heat and cook for another 30 minutes.

Time for the burgers. Make 3 inch patties.  6 evenly divided from the Costco 21 oz Organic Beef package.  Garlic salt and pepper.  Cook in cast iron skillet or grill 3-4 minutes per side if you like medium rare.  Warm up buns in toaster oven or grill.  Let the burger rest a couple of minutes.  Serve with onions, bacon, and avocado sides.

I'll add pictures to this post if I remember to take some pictures a long the way.