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    Microsoft's Poop Data Center matches Apple's 2X Fuel Cell expansion social traffic

    Within a couple of weeks Microsoft announced a Poop powered data center, and Charlotte Observer discovered in public permit documents that Apple is doubling its fuel cell capacity.  The first is a supported PR release, the 2nd is not a PR, but a leak for the Apple paparazzi.  Which did better?  From a traffic stand point, they look about equal looking at social metrics on 



    Microsoft has a bunch of news covering its poop powered data center.

    Commence Giggling: Microsoft's New Data Center Will Be Fueled by Poop

    Geekosystem -‎Nov 20, 2012‎
    This is really happening!Microsoftannounced in a blog post on Monday that they're building a newdata centerthat will be fueled by the methane from a sewage treatment plant. The newdata centerwill be a 200kW facility built at the existing Dry Creek Water...

    Turning poop into power: Microsoft building innovative data center to test clean ...

    GeekWire -‎Nov 19, 2012‎
    In other words, they're figuring out how to turnpoopinto power. Without energy from a local power grid,Microsoftwill maintain a 200-kilowattdata centerdirectly next to the Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility waste water treatment plant in Cheyenne,...

    Microsoft plans poop-fueled data center

    Seattle Post Intelligencer -‎Nov 19, 2012‎
    Page 1 of 1.Microsoftplans to build the firstdata centerthat is completely off the grid, recycling "common waste" to sustainably power cloud services, the company announced Monday. The Redmond-based tech giant is spending about $5.5 million in research...

    Microsoft speaks poop to power

    CNET -‎Nov 19, 2012‎
    Microsoftdoesn't want to risk taking any verbal dung from you on such matters, so it announced today that it is building adata centerpowered by, well, waste matter. Yes, yourMicrosoftcloud uploads could soon be powered by your own personal downloads.

    Microsoft Uncovers Special Bond Between Computers and Toilets

    Wired -‎Nov 19, 2012‎
    ButMicrosoftbelieves this will be the first “zero carbon”data center, meaning it won't be responsible for harmful carbon emissions unloaded onto Mother Nature, and it may be the first to actually power adata centerwithpoop— though this has long been the...

    Microsoft plans to build data center in Wyoming that runs on human and animal ...

    Daily Mail -‎Nov 21, 2012‎
    Microsoftis not a company to let anything go to waste, as it proved this week by unveiling a project to build adata centerin Wyoming that runs, well, on waste. The new plant will be operated out of the Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility in Cheyenne,...

    And here is Apple's coverage


    Apple Data Center Does Fuel Cell Industry a Huge Favor

    MIT Technology Review - ‎3 hours ago‎
    Apple says the much-watched project (Wired actually hired a pilot to take photos of it) will be one of the most environmentally benign data centers ever built because it will use several energy-efficiency tricks and run on biogas-powered fuel cells and a giant ...

    Apple to double size of fuel cell plant at NC data center

    Apple Insider - ‎22 hours ago‎
    Apple to double size of fuel cell plant at NC data center. By Mikey Campbell. A new filing with the North Carlina Utilities Commission reveals that Apple plans to double the number of fuel cells deployed at its Maiden data center, with a total energy output able ...

    Apple Doubles Renewable Project at Expense of Duke Energy Customers

    National Legal and Policy Center - ‎1 hour ago‎
    data center in western North Carolina built by Apple, Inc. has now doubled the size of its associated power-generating fuel cell facility, one which in April NLPC reported was a conflict of interest for Apple director and former Vice President Al Gore.

    Apple's Data Center and the Clean Energy Paradox

    The Green Optimistic (blog) - ‎11 hours ago‎
    Apple 300x137 Apple's Data Center and the Clean Energy Paradox According to the North Carolina Utility Commission, Apple intends to double the amount of fuel cells it will use at its data center in Maiden, North Carolina. In November, Apple filed to ...

    Apple to double fuel-cell capacity in North Carolina

    DatacenterDynamics - ‎19 hours ago‎
    Apple wants to double the generation capacity of its fuel-cell plant next to its massive data center in Maiden, North Carolina. The company has filed papers with the state's utility regulators, notifying them of the plan to increase the size of the fuel-cell installation ...

    Apple looks to double its NC biogas fuel cell farm

    CNET - ‎Dec 4, 2012‎
    Apple announced in May that it intended to have its $1 billion data center in Maiden, N.C., run entirely off renewable energy by the end of the year. The company said it was building two solar array installations in the area, which when combined will bring in 84 ...

    Apple to double its already massive fuel cell farm in North Carolina

    GigaOM - ‎Dec 4, 2012‎
    Apple has decided to more than double the amount of fuel cells it is using to generate power at its data center in North Carolina, according to filings with the North Carolina Utility Commission, and first reported by The Charlotte Observer. Fuel cell provider ...



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