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    The Real Data Center, lessons from The Real CSI, How reliable is the science behind forensics

    PBS Frontline has a video on The Real CSI.


    Watch The Real CSI on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

    Watching this video brings into questions of science behind fingerprints, blood tests and bite marks.

    The one method that has trumped a bunch of these techniques is DNA testing.

    It is interesting talking to the people who  have lots of data center experience, and in some ways it feels like these are the people who haved figured out the science of data centers, and what really works.

    in the same way that fingerprints and blood testing are popular and accepted by the mass public, it doesn't necessary mean there is science behind the techniques.

    Are you practicing data center science or using the common accepted methods?  There is a difference.


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    Reader Comments (1)

    Successfulreliable CSI will always talk about how important their passion was to their success. That passion comes from their direct understanding of the problem, and their belief that they can do something about it. Remove the direct, nuanced relationship they have with the problem, solution and outcome, and you remove the incentive to solve it.

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