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    GigaOm's post on Open Compute Project, 1 year perspective

    GigaOm's Stacey Higgantbotham posts a 1 year perspective on the Open Compute Project.

    Stacey is busy writing at the Open Compute Summit here in Austin.


    And has put her post up.

    Open Compute one year later. Bigger, badder and less disruptive than we thought.

    It’s been a little more than a year sinceFacebook showed off it’s newly built servers and data center technologies for webscale computing. But at its third Open Compute Summit the social networking giant and other members of the recently formed Open Compute Project are adding new partners, showing off cool use cases and adding new technologies to the standard. And surprisingly, it’s being done in a way that will enable hardware vendors to hold onto some of their margins and still deliver some innovations.

    Stacey closes with a perspective of watching what HP and Dell actually will do.

    So viva cooperation! Although in this brave new world of webscale architecture, which Frankovsky thinks will influence high-performance computing and enterprise computing, it still remains to be seen how much relevance companies like Dell or HP will continue to have.



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