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    AOL's Mike Manos celebrates the Data Center Independence on 4th of July 2012, freedom via the micro data center

    Mike Manos has a post on AOL's Data Center independence.  The micro data center looks like it has a 50KW capacity which could support a configuration like 100 dual proc 128 GB RAM,  dual HD servers, network switch, and storage appliance.  16 processor cores would give the micro data center 1,600 VM cores with 8 GB of RAM.  Slide in some SSD's to make the environment energy efficient and higher performing.  This is a nice cloud environment as modules to deploy.  I think Mike learned that a 40' container is not as flexible.  You can air ship a micro data center and it is much easier to deploy.  Air shipping a 40' container is really really expensive and can be difficult to deploy.

    AOL’s Data Center Independence Day

    Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day here in the United States.   It’s a day where we embrace the freedoms we enjoy as a country, look back on where we have come, and celebrate the promise of the future.   Yesterday was also a different kind of Independence Day for my teams at AOL.  A Data Center Independence Day, if you will. 









    Now you may say where would you put AOL's micro data center.  One place AOL could put them is at cell tower locations.


    It is reasonable in the future that in major metropolitan areas there will be a local data center presence.  Netflix has been expanding its network WW.  


    Open Connect Peering Locations

    Private Network Interconnect Sites

    CityProviderSite Identifier
    Ashburn Equinix DC Campus
    Atlanta Telx 56 Marrietta
    Chicago Equinix CH1/CH2/CH4
    London Telecity Sovereign House
    London Telecity Harbour Exchange
    Los Angeles Coresite One Wilshire
    Los Angeles Equinix LA1
    Miami Terremark NAP Of The Americas
    New York Telx 111 8th Avenue
    San Jose Equinix SV1/SV5

    Peering Exchanges

    CityExchangeIPv4 AddressIPv6 Address
    Ashburn Equinix Internet Exchange 2001:504:0:2::2906:1
    Atlanta Telx Internet Exchange    
    Chicago Equinix Internet Exchange 2001:504:0:4::2906:1
    London LINX Juniper LAN 2001:7f8:4::b5a:1
    London LONAP 2001:7f8:17::b5a:1
    Los Angeles Coresite Any2 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:215
    Miami NOTA 2001:478:124::1071
    New York Telx Internet Exchange    
    New York Telehouse NYIIX    
    San Jose Equinix Internet Exchange 2001:504:0:1::2906:2

    One of the top limits for where companies can deploy data centers is the local resource requirement.  Mike's team has an option, where as long as they get power and network, their micro data center will run, managed remotely.

    • It redefines software architecture for greater resiliency
    • It allows us an incredibly flexible platform for driving and addressing privacy laws, regulatory oversight, and other such concerns allowing us to respond rapidly.
    • It further reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint emissions (important as taxation evolves around the world, as well as ongoing operational costs)
    • Gives us the ability to drive Edge Computing delivery to potentially bypass CDNs for certain content.
    • Gives us the capability to drive ‘Community-in-a-box’ whereby we can quickly launch new products in markets, quickly expand existing footprints like Patch in a low cost, but still hyper-local platform, allow the Huffington Post a platform to rapidly partner and enter new markets with minimal cost turn ups.
    • The fact that the technology mix in our SKUs is comprised of compute, storage, and network capacity maximizes the amount of products and services we can deploy to it.  

    The race that is going on between the Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and Apple is to get the low latency presence to users.  AOL is a player in this game as well.

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