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    Some articles on China Data Center market

    It can be hard to figure out what is going on in China's Data Center Market.

    Here are three articles that a friend sent that happen to be all from DatacenterDynamics.

    Tencent's data centers is one.

    Company profile: China’s Tencent

    Tencent is one of the largest cloud providers in China, a country with an insatiable appetite for internet-based services

    2 August 2012 par Laura Luo -   

    Company profile: China’s Tencent
    Design sketch for Tianjian cloud computing data center of Tencent

    Tencent, one of the largest internet service providers in China, has been taking aim at China’s cloud computing market, building new cloud computing data centers using advanced environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies. It has also been focusing heavily on research and development.

    China's Cloud market.

    China’s growing cloud industry

    China’s cloud computing market is estimated to reach US$31.6bn in the next three years, thanks to investment from public and private players

    21 May 2012 par Penny Jones - DatacenterDynamics

    China’s growing cloud industry
    China's cloud computing industry is preparing for growth

    Cloud computing is emerging as one of the China’s fastest growing industries. The nation may account for less than 3% of global cloud computing market share – valued at US$90bn in 2011) but it is growing with an annual rate of 40%, according to analyst firm Gartner.

    And some of the cloud build out.

    China cloud computing roundup: R&D and newbuilds

    Alcatel, Insigma, Inspur, Microsoft and more

    26 July 2012 par Laura Luo -   

    China cloud computing roundup: R&D and newbuilds

    Xijian, a province in Northwest China, will build one of the largest cloud computing data center clusters in China in the next 10 years, according to the Tianshan Cloud Plan for the Xinjiang Province.

    Two cloud computing industrial bases will be built in Urumqi and Karamay respectively. Once complete, the data center cluster will host a total of 250,000 cabinets and have an annual turnover of 32bn CNY.

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