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    Why 7x24 Exchange conference is popular with my friends? 

    7x24 Exchange Conference Phoenix is coming up and now that it is two weeks away. I am checking in with some friends to see if they’ll be there.  So far I am batting 100% of the people I am looking forward to see.  Why are so many of my data center friends going to 7x24 Exchange Conferences?  At 7x24 Exchange Conferences there is a critical mass of friends and ideas that support data center innovation.  Almost every DC conference will claim it is driving data center innovation, but so many times the innovation is coming from the conversations not in the program.

    I return to 7x24 to see friends and make news ones.  Is this just a social event?  No, there are good presentations which is the benefit of not using a “pay to play” presentation model.  Some conferences, a Platinum sponsor means you get a keynote spot.  Silver you’ll get a small breakout room. etc.


    What ideas are discussed?  That is constantly changing which is part of why you return, and have had value from past conferences.

    Disclosure: In the past I would meet most of my friends at another conference that I am blacklisted from attending, so I have an incentive to help drive my friends to a conference where we will feel free to talk about anything we want.  7x24 Exchange has been supportive and open to feedback on what it takes to be a data center event that my friends find useful for so many reasons.



    Love Your Dog? You may love them more after watching this video

    We have two kids and a dog.  In many ways our dog is like our third child.  In this 60 minutes video a dog owner thinks of his dog as his child.

    Anderson Cooper: Do you view Chaser as a family pet? As a friend? How do you see Chaser?

    John Pilley: She's our child.

    Anderson Cooper: She's your child?

    John Pilley: She's our child, a member of the family. Oh yes. She comes first.

    Many people think of their dogs as children, but John Pilley has been teaching her like a child as well. By assigning names to toys, Pilley has been helping Chaser learn words and simple sentences.

    Check out this video that shows the smartest dog in the world, and you may love your dog more.


    DCIM has not taken off the way people thought, Why?

    In the data center world there has been hype on DCIM.  Multiple start-ups have tried to build businesses on DCIM.  The electrical equipment supplier have added DCIM solutions.  Yet DCIM has not taken off.  I have had the pleasure or pain of seeing some DCIM implementations first hand and seen how they work or don’t.

    So here are some of the reasons why I think DCIM has not lived up to its hype.

    - Given the limited deployments many systems don’t scale well.

    - Usability is not there yet.  Main focus has been to just get things to work.

    - Manual data entry is required too many times.

    - Decision makers who choose DCIM are not the operations staff, so there is a disconnect from expectations and reality.  Many people don’t know the operating expense of running a DCIM system.

    - The data center market is actually a decreasing market from the total number of companies who are running data centers even though overall capacity is increasing.

    - The big players have tried many of the services, and none is the killer app.

    Given the hype is dying down it is pretty hard to launch a start-up targeting DCIM.  I would expect DCIM teams within electrical suppliers is finding it harder to get more resources and money given the limited sales.

    If a DCIM solution scaled to 100K+ of servers, was easy to use,  automated data entry, bridged the reality of operations with executive expectations, a standard at the big data center users, then it would be the killer app.

    I don’t see this happening any time soon.  Do you?  If you do which one of these can do it?



    Having the Best doesn't necessarily work if you don't have the knowledge that supports it

    F1 Racing is the most technically advanced racing out there.  More money and more technology is thrown at winning that any other racing.  Back in the early 90s working at Microsoft there were a bunch of us who would get together at somebody’s house at 6a Sunday morning to watch the European F1 races.  One guy was so into F1, he quit Microsoft and joined the Ferrari race team to work on the computer systems in the cars.

    McLaren racing dumped Mercedes engines for Honda in the 2015 season, and part of the reason is McLaren wanted the source for the engine systems.

    "A modern grand prix engine at this moment in time is not just about sheer power; it's about how you harvest the energy, store the energy and effectively if you don't have control of that process - meaning access to source code - then you are not going to be able to stabilise your car in the entry to corners, for instance, and you lose lots of lap time. So even though you have the same brand of engine you do not have the ability to optimise the engine."

    I have been out of following F1, but 2015 might be when I start following again.  Here is a Honda video they released on their 2015 engine.  Honda has bet on one team McLaren to win.  Which means they’ll be sharing everything they can to get the most performance out of their engine.


    If you rewire your brain, what happens if you miswire? For example, you join a cult

    The idea of rewiring your brain, neuroplasticity is popular.  One TedX video on changing your brain is this one by Barbara Arrowsmith Young.

    But how do you know you are rewiring the brain in a good way.  Are you miswiring the brain?  Like how.  Like if you choose to join a cult as described in this TED talk.

    Changing how your brain works is possible, but who do you trust to rewire your brain?