Pssst, we are going to eat the Best barbecue from Franklin in Austin

Some of my DC friends are going to have some time to network in Austin after 7x24 Exchange San Antonio.

Thanks to John Dunaway's efforts we  have Franklin's bbq for tonight.  What is Franklin? 

A Day in the Life of Franklin Barbecue’s Aaron Franklin, a BBQ genius


sometimes it is best to show than write.  Here are pictures John sent.

What do you with 34 lbs of Franklin's bbq when you aren't going to eat until 7:30? Here are the directions on what we should do with the meat for the next 9 hours.

Another 7x24 Exchange - Great People and Content

I am back at 7x24 Exchange and trying out a switch to iOS only devices. I am using iPad Pro with a Logitech Create keyboard. The conference has just started officially.

Well for me it started at 4p when I walked in the lobby and started with people. Great people. Many were presenting and reminded me of the ideas they are discussing.

Attendance is over 700 and the conference carries on in its relevance in the industry.

Where is Google's Next Data Center presence in Africa after Kenya?

I've been waiting for when there would be some news worth writing about Africa.  It's been at least 3 years when I told some of my clients to think about Africa for data center development.  With Google's Renewable Energy investment in Kenya covered in Wired there is finally some news from one of the big data center players.

GOOGLE IS BACKING Africa’s largest wind power project, two years after investing $12 million in the continent’s largest solar power project.

This morning, at a conference in Washington, D.C., the tech giant announced its support for the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in northern Kenya, a project that could provide enough clean energy to power 2 million homes, representing about 15 percent of the capacity of the country’s power grid. The average wind speed at Lake Turkana is almost 25 mph, according to Google.

The move is Google’s 22nd investment in clean energy infrastructure, spanning a total of 2.5 gigawatts of power and more than $2 billion. Most of the company’s investment has been in the US, but Rick Needham, a Google director of energy and sustainability, says the company wants to promote clean energy in the developing world. “The fastest growing economies are here, and there’s a strong need for critical power,” he says of places like Kenya. “Economies are being held back because they don’t have enough power—and yet they have wonderful renewable resources. These nations can meet their future and growing energy needs by tapping into some of the best renewable resources in the world.”

When you look at a submarine cable you can see how Africa is a key position and there is an emerging market.

Google has made an investment in renewable energy which in all probability means a data center presence in Kenya, but to cover Africa with only one data center location does not make any sense. 

Where is Google's next data center location in Africa? 

Will China Cloud Companies coming to the USA be a Greenpeace target?

Who Greenpeace will target its environmental campaign at is an unknown.  I guessed at first it would be Dell.  Then with Facebook's move to use coal power in Oregon it became a target.  Facebook, Apple, and Google have all figured out how to escape being the primary target of Greenpeace.

If I were to guess who is Greenpeace's next target I would say Amazon, but with the moves of China Cloud companies into the USA I could be wrong again and Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei could be targets.  Datacenterknowledge posted on Huawei's latest announcement to expand.

Chinese IT giant Huawei announced plans to invest $1 billion to grow its cloud services business, according to reports.

It is one of several major Chinese technology companies to announce a big investment program to expand cloud services. Tencent said in February it would spend $1.57 billion to grow its cloud business, and Alibaba announced a $1 billion cloud investment in July.

AWS most noticeably Tech company missing from White House Climate Change Pledge

Katie Fehrenbacher posted on the new companies who have committed to the White House Climate Change Pledge.

This summer the first thirteen companies including Apple AAPL 0.62% , Google GOOG 0.59% , Walmart WMT -0.07% and Coca-Cola KO -0.07% committed to President Obama’s climate change program.

On Monday, the White House announced that another 68 companies have taken the pledge, called the ‘American Business Act on Climate,’ bringing the total corporate participants to 81. Big tech companies, global retailers, clean energy firms, food makers, agriculture conglomerates, and a couple of utilities have all signed on.

Looking at the list of tech companies the most notable absent is Amazon Web Services.  You can look at the list here.

Think Greenpeace is polishing its environmental attack methods to go after Amazon while the rest of the Cloud Companies watch.

Wonder how long AWS can hold out.


Why Data Center Events don't work the way they used to

Long time ago data center events were where the industry people got together.  The size of data centers were below 10MW.  Now data centers can be 50MW and some companies are adding 100s of MW per year in data center capacity.  The cloud has obsoleted IT closets and small business servers.  While putting pressure on the mid market and even enterprises. 

What happened to all the growth and interest in data centers?  It has consolidated.  Google and Amazon in 10 years have gone from occupying small colo spaces to be one of the biggest data center operators.  Add some of the other Cloud and Web companies and they dominate the growth.  Financials and Telcos used to drive the data center innovation and around their HQs.  Now the data center footprints can be found in Oregon, Iowa, Oklahoma, North Carolina. 

Long ago (8 years ago) when I started blogging on green data centers hardly any one discussed renewable energy.  Now Apple, Google, and Facebook have made sustainability part of the data center message.

Given this consolidation and shift has the data center event gone through as big a shift?  Many events have attempted to adjust their presentations.  But, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft don't go to data center conferences to discover new things.  If they do go, they are usually presenting or found it convenient to attend.


AWS in China, location Ningxia West Cloud Valley

WSJ had a post on the security threats of data center infrastructure.  In this post there is mention of a US cloud company in a Western China data center.

Vincent Hu of Zhongwei, China, is overseeing the construction of a large data center for a leading U.S. cloud-computing company.

Some friends were speculating who was the us cloud-computing company.  Found this post and it documents AWS.

Start of the Ningxia West Cloud Valley to Develop a “New Silk Road” for the Cloud Computing Industry

Commencement of the Construction of the West Cloud Valley Project in the Ningxia Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park

On April 28, 2014, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the city of Zhongwei in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the Ningxia Zhongwei Municipal Government, Amazon AWS, and the Ningxia West Cloud Valley Technology Co., Ltd. witnessed together the grand opening ceremony of the first project in the West Cloud Valley Project in the Ningxia Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and the Signing Ceremony of the Framework Agreement on the Cooperation between Amazon AWS and the West Cloud Valley. The West Cloud Valley will start to construct the data center and relevant facilities serving Amazon AWS under the cooperation framework.
“Amazon AWS is very happy to participate in the construction of a dynamic Chinese cloud computing ecological system, and to closely cooperate with partners including the Ningxia Government and the West Cloud Valley to build a world class data center, provide highly extendable, efficient and low-cost cloud infrastructure and help promote the development and prosperity of Chinese enterprises and economy,” said Mr. Rong Yongkang, AWS Global Vice President and AWS China Executive Director, “We will invest in Ningxia to build a localized team and help more Chinese clients achieve innovative development and by using AWS cloud computing service get rid of undifferentiated IT management work.”