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    Missouri Data Center site update

    DataCenterKnowledge had a post on a Missouri Data  Center Site.

    Koman Eyes Missouri Plot for Data Center

    February 10th, 2009 : Rich Miller

    The Koman Group is working with officials in Boone County, Missouri to develop a 192-acre tract as a data center, according to local media reports. Koman was one of the developers of a huge speculative project in Illinois that was later leased by Microsoft and will soon become one of the world’s largest data centers.

    Ewing Industrial Park has replaced the Koman Group to develop the property.


    Ewing Industrial Park of Columbia, Missouri is in an exceptionally strong position among development sites in the Midwest. The location sits on an unparalleled physical crossroads of power transmission, data infrastructure, water source, and transportation access. In concert with the physical aspects of the site, the Park is remarkably located with respect to intellectual assets, with easy access to world-class researchers in multiple global research-based organizations, including the University of Missouri, Danforth Plant Center, and Monsanto, among others.

    The Ewing Industrial Park can easily accommodate a 150 acre industrial customer with up to 280 acres of total "shovel ready" area planned.  The industrial park offers the following assets in place or adjacent to the site.

    • Water (1.5 million gallon elevated tower)
    • Sewer
    • Redundant telecommunication with Centurytel Metro Ethernet to site and Fiber Path Technologies are available
    • High service gas
    • High service electric with multi-feed, multi-supplier substation on-site
    • Landfill adjacent to the site
    • 5 lane arterial (Missouri Route B)
    • Access by interchange to US Highway 63 (3.1 miles)
    • Access by interchange to I-70 (4.7 miles)
    • Fully signalized access to Missouri Route B
    • Direct access to COLT Railroad (Transload Facility) with Connection to Norfolk Southern
    • Directly adjacent to rail car transfer station
    • Columbia School District with Hallsville School District on site
    • Pre-graded sites with average site grades 0%-2%
    • Existing industrial uses

    Here are some pictures of the site.



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    Amazon announces Singapore Data Center expansion for AWS hosting in Asia

    Here is Amazon’s announcement of data center expansion in AWS.

    Amazon Web Services Announces Expansion into Asia in the First Half of 2010

    New Asia-Based AWS Infrastructure Will Enable Businesses to Run Applications, Store and Process Data, and Better Serve Their End-Users Located in Asia

    SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 12, 2009-- Amazon Web Services LLC, an company (NASDAQ:AMZN), today announced an expansion of its services into an Asia-Pacific region in the first half of 2010, enabling businesses to deploy compute and storage resources in close proximity to their end-users in the region. Software developers and businesses will be able to access AWS’s infrastructure services from multiple Availability Zones in Singapore in the first half of 2010, then in other Availability Zones within Asia over the second half of 2010. AWS services available at the launch of the Asia-Pacific region will include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and Amazon CloudFront. To get started using Amazon Web Services, visit

    “Developers and businesses located in Asia, as well as those with a multi-national presence, have been eager for Asia-based infrastructure to minimize latency and optimize performance,” said Adam Selipsky, Vice President of Amazon Web Services. “We’re very excited to announce the expansion of AWS infrastructure into Asia to help our customers plan their technology investments and better serve their end-users in Asia.”

    Pricing for Amazon Web Services in Asia will be announced when the services launch next year.

    Amazon recently announced European hosting of AWS, and now Asia.  As quiet as Amazon is about its data centers, they need to give in to the market pressures to know where AWS is hosted.

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    Some Companies attending Santa Fe Institute Business Networking – Google, Microsoft, eBay, IBM, Intel, Cisco

    I blogged I chose to go to Santa Fe Institute’s Business Network event instead of 7x24 Exchange.  Santa Fe focuses on complex systems research.

    Q: What is "complex systems research?"
    A: The study of nonlinear, interactive systems from which interesting and unpredictable behavior emerges is the hallmark of the research that is pursued at SFI. This includes examining the dynamics of these 'complex systems' and how the systems evolve. The work is basic, theoretical science. Organizations that join the Business Network are often involved in applied research areas that have their roots in, or can be informed by, the work being performed at SFI. The Business Network provides a bridge between SFI's basic research and the applied work in which our members are engaged.

    There a maximum of 60 companies as business network members.  Out of the list of attendees.  Here are the ones I want to connect to discuss green data centers as a use case in complex systems research.







    I have already connected with one of the attendees from the above list and he is an infrastructure architect.  But, his idea of infrastructure is all at the software level not at the physical infrastructure for data centers.  He is interested in discussing whether others can follow their model of operation.  We’ll see if he gives me permission to blog anything. 

    One downside of being a blogger is it can be hard to get people to discuss ideas, so sometimes i don’t start a conversation by saying I am a blogger.  I do blog, but it is still less than 10% of what I do, so there is plenty to discuss with a blog post being written only if appropriate.  If my blogging comes up I explain, I always ask permission to blog on conversations that are private and not specifically set up as blog interviews.

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    GreenM3 1,000 blog post – We are as gods

    This is my 1,000 blog post, and I have been thinking about what to write about.  But, I didn’t get to 1,000 blog posts in 2 years by spending a bunch of time thinking about what to write.

    2 years ago I started this blog to discuss the green data center topic and had a goal to get in the top ten of Google search.  Knock on wood, I am #1 on Google search for “green data center” out of 116,000,000.



    Results 1 - 10 of about 116,000,000 for green data center. (0.34 seconds)

    Search Results

    1. Green Data Center Blog

      Monitoring, Modeling, Managing the Green Data Center. - Cached - Similar -

    2. Apple Recruits eBay Data Center Executive Olivier Sanche, Can ...

      Aug 10, 2009 ... I have been lucky to meet eBay's Sr. Director, Data Center Services & Strategy, Olivier Sanche at a variety of data center events and ... - Cached -

      Show more results from

    My most popular post is when Apple recruited eBay’s Data Center Executive Olivier Sanche.  With one post the Mac community knew Apple was serious about data centers, and Olivier became a known to people inside Apple.

    Yesterday I saw a presentation by Steward Brand as a welcome presentation at Santa Fe Institute Business Network.  Stewart has a recent book Whole Earth Discipline. One point that struck me as interesting from Stewart’s presentation is. “We are as gods and might as well get good at it.”  This quote is infamous in context of understanding Whole Systems.image

    After 2 years of blogging and realizing how popular my Google search results are the consequences of what I write like Olivier’s move to Apple can have impact beyond my blog. Just like the quote above I need to keep on figuring how to “get good at it.”  There are a bunch of data center innovators out there, and this is simple test they all pass, they are figuring out how to “get good at it.”

    Thanks for reading as I keep on figuring out how to write about Green Data Centers.

    -Dave Ohara

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    HP’s acquisition of 3Com allows energy-efficient networking integration

    There is news all over on HP’s acquisition of 3com.  WSJ is one example.

    H-P to Acquire 3Com for $2.7 Billion


    Hewlett-Packard Co. said it agreed to buy networking-gear maker 3Com Corp. for $2.7 billion in cash, the latest move by H-P to bulk up its product line amid a broader push by the few remaining technology giants to turn themselves into one-stop shops for corporate customers.

    [                    bizworld                ]

    Mark Hurd

    The Palo Alto, Calif., company—the world's largest tech company by revenue—also preannounced positive fiscal fourth quarter results. It posted an 11% jump in operating earnings and an 8% decline in revenue from a year ago, beating analyst estimates. In a sign the tech industry is leaving the recession behind, H-P also raised its revenue forecast for the new fiscal year.

    By buying 3Com, a onetime leading tech company that has fallen on tougher times this decade, H-P is aiming to goose its growth. The move also puts H-P more squarely on the turf of Cisco Systems Inc.

    David Donatelli, H-P's vice president in charge of the corporate-computer division, said 3Com has a better set of networking products for large corporate clients than H-P currently sells and a market share of more than 30% in the China networking market. With the deal, Mr. Donatelli said, "we get industry-leading products."

    Drilling into the actual HP press release, I found the green, energy-efficient angle most miss.  The following is a quote from Bob Mao, CEO of 3Com

    3Com’s networking products are based on a modern architecture which has been designed to offer better performance, require less power and eliminate administrative complexity when compared against current network offerings

    HP is going to deploy the 3Com solution company wide, and you can bet the results if good will be in a future HP case study.

    “We are confident that we can run our entire global business of 300,000-plus employees, including our next-generation data centers, entirely on the new HP networking solutions,” said Randy Mott, executive vice president and chief information officer, HP. “Based on our experience and extensive testing of 3Com’s products, we are planning to undertake a global rollout within HP as soon as possible after the completion of the acquisition.”

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