Who took over some of the responsibilities Suresh Kumar had when he left Microsoft to go to Google? Noelle Walsh-Elwell and Rani Borkar

I was surprised how popular the post was on Suresh leaving Microsoft to go to Google.  Check out this traffic graph.

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So who took over some of Suresh's responsibilities? Two executives are Noelle Walsh-Elwell and Rani Borkar. Here is a Microsoft article that describes their roles.

A love of math and science was the catalyst that pushed MCIO’s newest Corporate Vice Presidents forward on their paths of learning, discovery, and onto careers in technology.

Noelle Walsh-Elwell, Corporate Vice President of Global Data Center Operations

Rani Borkar, Corporate Vice President of Cloud Supply Chain and Provisioning

Should have done this a while ago turned on HTTPS for default

We all take for granted that if you are going to go to an ecommerce site you want an HTTPS connection. What I hadn't got around to was adding HTTPS to greenm3.com. Will did it yesterday. You should see a locked icon now in your browser url.

The link on how to do for squarespace is here.

  • Secure (Preferred) - All visitors are redirected to HTTPS, even if they entered the HTTP version in their browser. Sitemaps contain HTTPS links and search engines index the HTTPS version. Unsupported browsers can’t load your site.

This was so easy I feel dumb not doing this sooner.

Microsoft's 4 yr VP of Cloud Infrastructure joins Google

Suresh Kumar has updated his LinkedIn profile and he has gone from Microsoft to Google. Before that he was an Amazon. In the Seattle area the revolving door between Amazon, Google, and Microsoft is common.

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4 years ago I wrote a blog post comparing Suresh's role at Microsoft to Google's Joe Kava. What I didn't anticipate is the both of them working at Google 4 years later.

Solving multiple problems with a picture, Amazon takes pictures of delivery

The verge has an article on Amazon taking pictures of front door deliveries. https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/1/17068480/amazon-photo-on-delivery-new-feature-front-porch 

“Amazon has been quietly rolling out a new program over the past few months where delivery people will use photos to confirm your package has been delivered. The photo of exactly where the package has been placed will be included in the notice of delivery so Amazon users know when it arrived and where it is, as first spotted by USA Today.” 

Most think about here is the proof the package is delivered.  But it is also a quality control event to document package delivery and information about the delivery site. The information can be used for quality control and other ideas to improve the quality of delivery. 

Once I received items where the contents of the box where not what I ordered. Seeing the package could confirm whether it was possible that the label got put on the wrong box.

Is Regulation of Internet Companies around the corner?

NBCnews has a post on the make or break moment. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/silicon-valley-faces-make-or-break-moment-amid-big-tech-n847301


Silicon Valley faces make or break moment amid big tech backlash

Gone are the glory days of glowing praise and good PR for big tech companies.


Any set of companies that get as big as Amazon, Google, and Facebook are targets for government regulation. It happened to Oil companies. Tobacco. Steel. Pharmaceuticals.  The government could understand Oil, cigarettes, and drugs much easier. They could see commodities move and how regulations could be put in place. The Internet companies work by flowing of bits that they can’t see and don’t understand.

What would happen if there was a tech savvy government officials? Would there regulations in place? Most likely yes.