Customer Story, Green Data Center, 40% energy savings

EOS International released their press announcement on their Green Data Center project, installing VMWare and Dell systems to reduce their data center electricity by 40%. I found this one interesting in that it was released by the company itself and not the vendors whose equipment was used. They have a quote from the CEO who makes environmental commitment statement.

Leading library services and knowledge management company EOS International announced their first step in reducing corporate energy use by installing state-of-the art systems in the EOS global data center. The installation of the new VMWare and Dell SAN [server] systems allow EOS to cut their data center's electricity use by forty percent, while increasing the data center's capacity.

"Installation of our new, energy-efficient servers is the first of many steps that EOS International hopes to take to become a more environmentally-responsible corporate citizen," said Tony Saadat, CEO of EOS International. "We are committed to utilizing the most innovative technology possible to help reduce our environmental impact."

"I am delighted to learn of EOS's intention to be more 'green,' said Marlene Vogelsang, MLS, Resource Specialist, Pacific Energy Center. "Energy efficiency is key to reducing energy use and reducing carbon emissions. I am glad that "my" server in Carlsbad is an efficient one! Congratulations on your efficient Global Data Center!" finished Voglesang.

The EOS Global Data Center's initial installation of four new servers is the equivalent of forty older models. The new servers reduce costs associated with maintenance, temperature control, and additional space within the data center. Further roll-outs of this nature will take place throughout the year, once the benchmarks for operations are complete.