Who is Reading Green Data Center Blog?

The following is a list of top 25 companies reading the Green Data Center blog in order of highest to lowest.  I have not included hits from broadband provides like Comcast, Verizon, Charter Communications, etc, even though there may be some traffic from those companies corporate offices.

The list is based on Google Analytics stats from July 8 – Aug 7.

1. Microsoft

2. VMware

3. Cisco

4. Hewlett Packard

5. Intel

6. Performance Systems International

7. Sun Microsystems

8. IBM

9. DPR Construction

10. Google

11. Amazon

12. Ebay

13. University of Cambridge Laboratory

14. Apple Computer

15. Liebert

16. SAP

17. Computer Sciences Corp

18. Data General

19. Lockheed Martin

20. APC

21. Dell

22. Deutsche Bank

23. Executive Software

24. Oak Ridge Laboratories

25. AOL

Reflecting on this list, I know someone at 15 of the companies, and helps me think of who my readers are.