Cisco and IBM say Execs Want Green Data Centers has a post on  Cisco and IBM say "Execs want green data centers"

Cisco says.

"Energy costs rank right after labor costs for our customers who run large data centers," Nikhil Jayaram, Cisco's director of engineering in the mid-range router group, said while speaking on a panel about green IT.

"Cisco's now moved to a new era where we're really focusing on power. Before it was performance, performance, performance, and cost was the fourth (concern)," he said.

IBM says.

J. Antonio Carballo, a partner in IBM's venture capital group, said on the panel his investment focus is "all about energy efficiency," especially in data centers. His group teams with external investors and start-ups to focus on power and efficiency in the United States and China. He said that in China he's seeing power at the center of 100 percent of designs.

Unfortunately, this post doesn't say where the presentation was made, and there wasn't a whole lot new in the information other then these few quotes.