Green Monitoring Solution from Hara – Sanskrit for Green

I checked out website.  Not a whole let technically and how their service works.

Here is a video that works as a business decision maker presentation.

And consider their advisory board.

Hara Advisory Board

The Hara Advisory Board includes distinguished academics from leading universities who are experts in environmental science and technology. The Advisory Board brings an extraordinary depth of understanding and perspective to Hara in areas directly relevant to sustainable business practices.

Sam Chiu
  • Professor of Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
  • Expert on green supply chain and environmental operations
Arpad Horvath
  • Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley
  • Expert on carbon lifecycle analysis
Bob Pojasek
  • Professor of Environmental Science, Harvard University
  • Expert on pollution prevention and cleaner production
Ed Rubin
  • Professor of Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2007

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