Biomass power plant and data centers, Google’s Finland data center site?

Found this interesting year 2000, document by National Renewable Energy Laboratory on 20 different biomass power plants most of which are forest mills.


This report includes summary information on 20 biomass power plants—18 in the United States, one in Canada, and one in Finland, which represent some of the leaders in the industry. Table 1 lists the 20 plants in order of on-line date, the same order in which they are presented in the report. In some cases, the on-line date means the date an older fossil fired plant started using biomass fuel commercially (not its original on-line date). Some of the information in the table is abbreviated, but can be clarified by referring to the specific plant sections.

One of the sites studied is in Finland which reminded me of Google’s pulp and paper mill acquisition.

Google Confirms Data Center in Finland

March 4th, 2009 : Rich Miller

It’s official: Google will build a major data center at a former paper mill in Hamina, Finland, the company said today. Google bought the former Stora Enso newsprint plant for $51 million last month, and said it was “likely” to use the facility for a data center. Today Google posted details about the Hamina project on the data center section of its web site.

The site will come online in 2010.

“When fully developed, this facility will be a critical part of our infrastructure for many years to come,” Google said. “Limited testing of the facility should be underway in 2010 and the center should be fully operational later that year.”

On a humorous side, here is this post.

Biomass Power Plant Probably Hides Future Evil World Ruler

I don't know if I would like to have a biomass power plant next to my house, but if I have to get one, please let it be like this. Better yet, let me live in it.

This 49.3 megawatt biomass power plant in the United Kingdom will be fully integrated with its surroundings on the banks of the River Tees. Fully integrated as in "hey, look that cool big fat metal volcano coming out of those woods." [Heatherwick via Dezeen via Inhabitat]