Test of SEO for GreenM3 on a search for "dell c6145"

Dell announced the Dell C6145 server on Feb 14 and I didn't get around to posting until Feb 15.  The normal rule is the first to post has a higher chance of a high ranking in Google Search.  I was getting some hits on my post yesterday and decided to do a Google search for "dell c6145".


Making sure I was not logged in the Google Search page.  (When you are logged in the search results will be personalized.)  Here are the search results.  My post is #5 after 4 Dell sites.


The next 5 are as follows.


My theory of why my post gets higher results than others is I try to pull together a variety of sources, not just one, at least two, and in this case four.  Two are videos, two are sites with original content.

Most in the media wouldn't point to four links driving content off their site.  But, as I joke I have media status, but that doesn't mean I behave like media. Smile

Oh yeh, and the number of people who read this blog supply the traffic.  Thanks for reading the Green Data Center blog.