How important are Data Centers to Facebook? used 42 times is S-1 Statement

People are pouring over Facebook's S-1 statement looking for things to write about.

How about this?

Facebook is mentioned 458 times in the S-1 statement.

Zuckerberg 113.

Software 28.

Zynga 24.

Social 140.

Data Center 42.

Google 14.

Microsoft 5.

Amazon 2.

Technologies 28.

Kind of funny to think what you could make up how Facebook is by analyzing the number of times a word shows up. :-)

Here is a top 10 post on threats to Facebook.

Facebook's Most Serious Threats, According to Facebook

FEB 1 2012, 6:32 PM ET 4


Predictable threat: People find a better product. Surprising weakness: Zynga accounts for one out of eight dollars of revenue for the (potentially $100 billion!) company.

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Facebook's blockbuster IPO filing includes 50 risks the company perceives to its business and public offering. Here are ten of the most interesting and important threats to the company that could be worth$100 billion, with quotes from Facebook's own S-1 document.

1) People stop using Facebook: Well, this one is obvious. "A decrease in user retention, growth, or engagement could render Facebook less attractive to developers and advertisers, which may have a material and adverse impact on our revenue, business, financial condition, and results of operations," Facebook states. Although annual revenue grew 154% between 2009/2010 and 88% between 2010/2011, it relied on user growth that will eventually have to slow due to higher market penetration rates, which is economic-speak for "we're running out of people."

Here is another post on threats.

Facebook’s Risk Factors: Mobile, Gov, Slowed Growth, Google+