Facebook joins Google disclosing power and carbon footprint of data centers, are you next?

Facebook has published its 2011 corporate power consumption and carbon footprint. 




The Guardian UK compared Google to Facebook.

The data, published on Wednesday, shows that despite the social networking's rising star, its carbon emissions are still a fraction of internet rival Google. Facebook's annual emissions were 285,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2011, compared with Google's 1.5m tons in 2010.

The vast majority of the emissions (72%) come from the company's data centres in the US. The annual footprint for each user that's active monthly is 269 grams, or around the equivalent footprint of a cup of coffee, the company calculated.

Greenpeace gave their approval to the disclosure.

Greenpeace welcomed the move's transparency and hailed it as an important benchmark. Gary Cook, Greenpeace International's senior IT analyst, said: "Facebook has committed to being fully renewably powered, and today's detailed disclosure and announcement of a clean energy target shows that the company means business and wants the world to follow its progress."

If you plan on having a green data center and not being a Greenpeace target you should follow Google and Facebook with an annual disclosure of your power consumption and carbon footprint.