Deep in thought or asleep? Mike listening to Joe

7x24 Exchange is a lot of fun and great to get people together.  And, part of the fun is joking with others.  Yesterday a bunch of us were hanging out and there were some one liners that got us all laughing.

To get more laughs I am sharing these photos by Convention Photography courtesy of Professional Images Photography Joe Rodriguez 2013. 

So here is one of Joe Kava discussing a point in a presentation.


And from a different angle Joe is talking again with Mike's eyes closed again. He is turned to Joe, so he must be listening, but eyes closed?


Mike did tell us the story how he can get on the treadmill at 5a in the morning and he is asleep for the first 30 minutes of his 60 minutes of the work out.  

Is Mike deep in thought?  Or is Mike catching a bit of sleep?

These pictures are just more fuel to add to more laughs we can have the next time we all see each other which will probably be at 7x24 Exchange San Antonio.

One more picture.  Joe is deep in thought. But Mike is not nearly as interested when Todd is talking.  Pictures do capture interesting expressions that can create funny moments.