A peak into Amazon's approach to servers comes from LSI

here is a blog post by Silicon Angle with Robert Ober.  In this post Robert discusses some of Amazon’s approached to IT hardware.

“The evolutionary direction we’re going in the data center, you can call it many things – you can call it pooling, you can call it disaggregation – but at a large scale, at a rack or multiple racks or a hyperscale data center, you wanna start pulling apart the parts,” he remarks.

Optimizing infrastructure down to the component level has many benefits, both architectural and operational, but Ober considers the improvements in thermal management to be the most notable. The reason, he details, is that processors, DRAM, flash and mechanical disk all have different temperature thresholds that have to be sub-optimally balanced in traditional configurations.

Here is a video you can watch with Robert discussing some of the ideas.  This interview was done at the OCP Summit V.