If the future of Containers is Carbon Fiber, what could be done in a data center with Carbon Fiber

Economist has an article on the possibility of carbon fiber containers.

One idea Dr Lechner proposed is to make containers out of carbon-fibre composites. Such containers would be easier to use, because they would be lighter and also—if designed appropriately—might be folded flat when empty, saving space. Dr Lechner reckons a carbon-fibre container would need to travel only 120,000km (three times around the Earth) to prove cheaper than its steel equivalent. It would also be more secure, because it would be easier to scan without being opened.

Wonder what kind of data center could be built using a carbon fiber container.  It would be lighter.  Drilling holes in carbon fiber would be much more difficult.

Nothing jumps out as why carbon fiber would make sense in a data center.  Unless you go throughout the whole rack and server components and you could probably shave 30 - 50% of the weight which makes shipping a container worth of gear much easier to do.  Carbon fiber could make sense in military scenarios for planes and other areas where weight is a big issue.