Where I'll be at DCD SF, Chairing Hall 1 Morning Presentations

May & June are busy months for the data center conferences.  In two weeks, I’ll be at DCD SF, and there are many repeats of people I have seen at other conferences. You can find me in the Main Hall chairing the morning presentations.  Unfortunately, I need to leave before the end of the conference for another event related to Gigaom Structure in SF which follows the DCD event.

One of the interesting differences between DatacenterDynamics and other conferences is it is peer-led.


I just came back from 7x24 Exchange which is a non-profit and I think you could say they have the idea of peer-led as well. 

At the beginning of May was Data Center World, I went to LV to meet with friends, but didn’t have time for Data Center World or IBM’s conference.  In May also was Uptime Symposium.  On a plane flight to SJC, one of my data center friends asked if I was going to Uptime.  I told him no, I am blacklisted for both the conference and exposition.  He laughed and said I should get a badge and black out my name.  To complete the idea, I have now modified my badge from the last time I attend Uptime Symposium.  Some people will exchange conference badges to get into the conference.  There is no way this one is going to get me into Uptime. :-)  But it does get a bunch of laughs.