Save the date, Open Compute Summit Mar 8-9, 2017, Santa Clara Convention Center

Open Compute Summit 2017 is now open for registration.

Registration Now Open for the Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2017

Monday, November 07, 2016 · Posted by at 8:16 AM

We are pleased to announce that registration is now OPEN for the OCP U.S. Summit 2017 to be held on March 8th & 9th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Please note that this is a different venue from our 2016 and 2015 events which were held in San Jose.

The OCP Summit is a 2-day event that will feature a stellar lineup of speakers, announcements, demonstrations, booths and networking opportunities. More importantly, it’s your opportunity to work together with the OCP community to progress the future of important projects—Data Center, Compliance and Interoperability (C&I), Hardware Management, High Performance Computing (HPC), Networking, Open Rack, Server, Storage and Telco. Attend OCP U.S. Summit 2017 and find out how you can Consume OCP gear, Collaborate with the OCP Community and Contribute to the OCP ecosystem.

Register HERE by Friday, December 23rd @11:59p PDT to lock in Early Bird pricin; we look forward to seeing you in 2017!

Iron Mountain adds wind power for 30% NA energy footprint

News is here.

Iron Mountain Wind Power Purchase in Texas to Deliver as Much as 30 Percent of Company’s Total North American Power Usage

New agreement, along with other projects & investments, expected to help Iron Mountain utilize renewable sources for two-thirds of total North American electricity load by 2018

October 10, 2016 04:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Iron Mountain Incorporated® (NYSE:IRM), the global leader in storage and information management services, today announced the signing of a wind power purchase agreement that will leverage renewable energy sources to power as much as 30 percent of its North American electricity footprint. That capacity will be sufficient to power all of its Texas operations (more than 75 facilities) as well as additional states, providing long-term rate stability and with as much as $1.5 million annually in related cost avoidance.

Does a Data Center have a rechargeable battery like an iPhone?

My son Wyatt is home sick today. We're talking about iPhone 7. He has my old iPhone 6. I have an iPhone 7 plus. We were discussing how data centers change with the iPhone 7. That's another question to answer in another post.  Wyatt's question that came up is "Does a data center have a rechargeable battery like an iPhone?"

Most data centers have battery backup with their primary source of power from the electrical grid. Data Center batteries provide enough power for back-up diesel generators to be brought on line when the electrical grid goes down. An iPhone is made to run off of the battery as a primary source of power then charged when battery capacity gets low. Batteries in an iPhone are used all the time. A data center's batteries only get used when the power goes off.

Given the difference in how a data center and iPhone uses batteries there are many differences in the batteries used. They are both rechargeable. Batteries for iPhones use leading edge technologies. Batteries for data centers use proven reliable technologies. Batteries for iPhones are in stressful mobile environments. Batteries for data centers are not dropped by its users and are monitored to insure safe and reliable operations.

Microsoft hires ex-Digital CTO Jim Smith as GM of Site Selection and Network Acquisition

Jim Smith updated his LinkedIn Profile with this.

General Manager of Site Selection and Network Acquisition
September 2016 – Present (1 month)

CTO, SVP Portfolio Operations
Digital Realty Trust - NYSE:DLR
2004 – 2015 (11 years)San Francisco, CA

There is no other news that I can find on Jim Smith's change. Throwing this up on my blog will let other media friends ping Microsoft to get more information.

What Data Center Conferences do I go to? 7x24 Exchange. Why that one?

My son Wyatt asked me what is a data center conference? It is a place where people in the industry get together to share their ideas about building and running data centers. Which ones do I go to? The one that I get the most out of.

I've gone to most of the data center conferences over the years. My favorite is 7x24 Exchange which occurs twice a year and the next one is on Oct 23-26, 2016 in Phoenix.

Below are some of the reasons why I am going. I doubt my son Wyatt will read this, but for those of you who live in the data center industry check it out.

This next one has a great lineup. Opening Keynote is former CEO of Travelocity Terry Jones. Don Beaty has a panel discussion

Don Beaty (bio)
DLB Associates Consulting Engineers, PC

Nicholas Franzoni (bio)
EP Supply Chain Performance Manager

Diraj Bamola (bio)
Vice President, Global Design & Construction

Joe Kava (bio)
VP of Data Centers

Daren Matthews (bio)
VP Supply Chain Planning
Schneider Electric

Jack Pouchet (bio)
VP Market Development
Emerson Network Power

2nd day keynote is with Chris Crosby

Keynote: Twin Sons of Different Mothers: Legacy and Bandwidth and Why

IDC estimates that 50% of existing data center networks cannot support IoT applications. Data center operators need to be developing and implementing their strategies to reduce latency and bandwidth to ensure they can support the escalating requirements driven by more attached devices and the volume and variety of packet sizes that characterize IoT and new large, rich packet applications. This presentation will explore the nature of latency and bandwidth issues, the shortcomings of today’s existing networks, and the solutions and equipment that data center operators need to incorporate into their network plans.

Chris Crosby (bio)
Compass Datacenters

And after that is another great panel hosted by Google's Heather Dooley.

Panel: Data Center Delivery & Operations

Organized by the 7x24 Exchange Women in Mission Critical Operations Committee (WiMCO)
Panelists will deliver a dynamic discussion sharing real work examples on how to be successful in your career while delivering on your core professional objectives. This panel will provide views from construction, operations and health and safety on current technical and business trends.

Heather Dooley (bio)
Data Center Business Operations
Google Data Centers
7x24 Exchange Women in Mission Critical Operations Committee (WiMCO)

Jenna Dumke (bio)
Project Manager, Critical Environment
Mark G. Anderson Consultants (MGAC)

Cindy Joos (bio)
Senior Director Global Operations

Marisa McGough (bio)
DPR Construction

Anita Tarab (bio)
Director of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability