Does a Data Center have a rechargeable battery like an iPhone?

My son Wyatt is home sick today. We're talking about iPhone 7. He has my old iPhone 6. I have an iPhone 7 plus. We were discussing how data centers change with the iPhone 7. That's another question to answer in another post.  Wyatt's question that came up is "Does a data center have a rechargeable battery like an iPhone?"

Most data centers have battery backup with their primary source of power from the electrical grid. Data Center batteries provide enough power for back-up diesel generators to be brought on line when the electrical grid goes down. An iPhone is made to run off of the battery as a primary source of power then charged when battery capacity gets low. Batteries in an iPhone are used all the time. A data center's batteries only get used when the power goes off.

Given the difference in how a data center and iPhone uses batteries there are many differences in the batteries used. They are both rechargeable. Batteries for iPhones use leading edge technologies. Batteries for data centers use proven reliable technologies. Batteries for iPhones are in stressful mobile environments. Batteries for data centers are not dropped by its users and are monitored to insure safe and reliable operations.