Bush Official targets Data Centers as "Centers of Enormous Waste"

Google has decided to get in the renewable energy business, but I think the public and gov't would much prefer Google share its energy efficiency methods.

A Bush administration official has identified data centers as centers of enormous waste. It is only a matter of time before the environmental groups go after data centers. 

And, I do think there is bad behavior in data centers which needs to be changed. I was talking to a person who works with a large retailer and he found that the data center server utilization was 7%.  People need to learn how to turn servers off.

UNITED NATIONS (BetaNews) - US Assistant Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency Alexander Karsner, speaking this morning before a United Nations conference on the technology industry's responsibility for the global environment, said that as the world's data centers become more clustered and crowded, they expend too much space and electricity and generate too much heat and emissions. As such, Sec. Karsner said, the typical enterprise data center has become "a center of enormous waste."