Citi wins Green Data Centre Award

Citi Data Center Wins Environmental Award

Upon completion in June 2008, this data center will save up to 25
percent on electrical energy consumption, compared to conventional
data centers. In addition, 16,000 megawatt hours will be saved each
year, the equivalent needed to power 3,000 average family homes. The
amount of carbon dioxide escaping into the atmosphere will be up to
11,000 tons less annually than conventional centers of its size. Savvy
water management, including natural drainage of almost 90 percent of
the rainwater, will save up to 46.5 million liters in water usage
every year.

   Head of Citi Realty Services for EMEA, John Killey, said, "Citi's
commitment to ensuring sustainability lies at the heart of all its
major projects and the new EMEA data center is no different: "From
inception, through construction to operation, a rigorous,
resource-efficient, balanced and holistic approach has been adopted
that integrates sustainability without compromise to performance or
reliability. The result is a project that pioneers solutions
transferable to other geographies and applications.

   "The award also recognizes the role that outstanding cooperation
between Citi's Real Estate and Technology groups along with their
design and construction partners has played in ensuring sustainability
is in the fore front of this project," Killey added.

A group of us had the pleasure of having Harvey Cobbold who is responsible for Citi's Data Center construction on our Green Data Center panel discussion at IT Forum. Behind the scenes of any Green PR release is a team of people who have been working on the project for years. These are the people who are now being recognized by their companies and industry as doing the right thing for the environment.  Great Job Harvey!!!

Harvey is currently the Director of IT Transformation for Citi in EMEA, where he is responsible for:

The selection and design of the New EMEA Data Centres. 

The Migration and consolidation of the existing Data Centres in Europe as part of Citi’s Global Data Centre Strategy 

The deployment of new technologies into this environment and the optimization and transformation of the technology as it is migrated 

Key to this strategy is the adoption of green technologies, both as a strategic direction and to deliver operational efficiency. 

Harvey joined Citi in 1998, to take over responsibility for the European data centers.  He has 25 years of Operational and Engineering experience in IT Infrastructure within the finance industry. 

Harvey graduated in 1979 from Imperial College, where he studied Computing Science. 

Computing Science.