eBay eWaste site

I found this interesting IBM reference to this eBay site on eWaste. With Intel as a leading proponent with other members like Apple, Best Buy,Circuit City, Dell, HP, Motorola, Nokia, Toshiba, UPS, USPS, Verizon.

Rethink: Fresh Ideas for a Cleaner World

eBay and fellow members of the Rethink Initiative are applying some fresh thinking to the problem of e-waste

On this site you can find information, tools and solutions that make it easy – and even profitable – to find new users for idle computers and electronics, and responsibly recycle unwanted products.

eBay and the Rethink Initiative: A natural combination
eBay recognizes that its member community of more than 157 million computer users can be a powerful force for good. Educating and enabling them to take action to reduce e-waste is good for the environment. eBay’s heritage is also about bringing buyers and sellers together – making it easy for people with idle computers and electronics to find others who can put them to good use. Putting old products to new use extends their useful life and delays their entry into the waste stream.

Faster, more advanced computers, cell phones and electronics offer endless possibilities for enrichment, learning and entertainment. But as consumers and businesses keep pace with the introduction of exciting new products, we are faced with a mounting challenge: what to do with the products we’re upgrading from.

It’s no small issue. Hundreds of millions of retired computers, cell phones and electronics sit idle or are discarded by Americans every year. We need to make smart choices about what we do with these products to help ensure a clean environment for future generations.

Rethink: A new approach
The Rethink Initiative brings together industry, government and environmental organizations to offer a fresh perspective and new answers to the challenge of e-waste.