Green Data Center in India has an article about Green Data Center initiatives in India, and momentum is building.

Green data center movement is gathering momentum in India as organizations have started realizing its importance in energy conservation and sustainable development. It is applied to new technologies that can help in cutting down data center energy costs and saving energy, which is synonymous to saving money. It has a big role to play in reducing the power consumption in the data center.

Raritan has planned to come up with a power management solution in India in January 2008. According to Sanjay Motwani, country manager of Raritan India, "Power management tools facilitate less power consumption and so cooling time of data center is reduced and so it helps in promoting the green data center movement".

Kumar further added that for green data centers, the network should be converged and managed effectively. The network needs to be consolidated and energy conservation should be kept in mind while designing the data center. He suggested "TIA 942 data center standard in cabling, which talks about every aspect of cabling with the data center should be followed to promote the concept of green data center."

Companies are now more concerned about environment and energy saving models, so the future of green data center concept is bright in India. According to Motwani, the green data center concept is new in India but organizations have started realizing its importance. He believes that it has started picking up, and in future, it would be completely adopted.