Citrix Demonstrates Technique to Save Server Power

Citrix has released PowerSmart Utility for Citrix Presentation Servers, enabling idle servers to be turned off during

I am going to contact he Citrix team to see what they have done to create logs to record successful and unsuccessful power down events.  This log could be a simple way to monitor the power on/off events.  They have architected the solution to use one presentation server as the controller, making this the ideal place to monitor the power on/off events.

This same power on/off log would be great for Windows to monitor power management. This will be a long conversation with Microsoft and a challenge to find the right people who would be willing to do this, but it is on my list of things to do.

Appended Jan 3, 2008.

I missed the area of the Citrix FAQ.  Great thinking went into this v1 feature.

What trouble shooting support is included?

By default, some basic information such as when the tool decides to power on/off a server will be logged in the event log of the server running this tool. The servers being shutdown/power off will have the power events logged as usual. The debug tracing is flexible and can be configured to trace only the information you want and to where you want it. Various debugging tools are included to help testing individual components separately. Please see the user guide for more details.