Synovus Financial Joins Columbia Data Center Neighbors with fewer than 25 employees. Why does Google's data center need 200 employees?

I've received quite a bit of traffic on my post on # of data center employees, and Synovus just announced their data center with fewer than 25 employees.

The new facility won't mean any more employees in Columbus, however. Synovus has about 200 people in its information technology division. Fewer than 25 will work at the new data center, and they will transfer from within the division.

The analysts an Tier1Research were nice enough to respond to my email address and discuss this subject. 

I fully believe you can run a near-zero person datacenter – outside of constant care and maintenance of mechanical systems like cooling and generators.  Security is important; however do you staff for sparse perimeter review or potential assault?  Both have very low multipliers from size of datacenter to people.  Servers and storage doubly so!  As you know; any good rack of hardware (including load balancing and monitoring hardware) can be managed from five feet or five time zones away.

Tier1Research and I both think that Google is inflating their employment #'s in data centers in a style of the New Deal and Works Program Administration.  Google coming to town has a high expectation of what it will do to the local economy, but I doubt any area Google builds in will be as significant economically as Microsoft's move to Quincy, and the following of firms to the Columbia Basin.