IBM's latest Strategic Green Initiative - Eco-Patents World Business Council for Business Development

Watching various IBM executives present on their Green Initiatives, they have done a good job on identifying Electricity and Water as areas they will focus on selling products like WebSphere.  IBM's latest move creating the eco-patents section of the World Business Council for Business Development makes it appear as an industry effort.  But, when you dig into areas like their overview. You can see IBM and Weyerhaeuser are the main companies behind the eco-patents.


Next steps


If you are interested in helping benefit the world through the Eco-Patent Commons:

  1. Contact any of the representatives listed below to express your interest and discuss joining the Eco-Patent Commons.
  3. Contact your Intellectual Property (IP) function and examine your business's patent portfolio. Identify patents your business may want to contribute to the Eco-Patent Commons. Many businesses do not routinely patent innovations that benefit the environment, so some participants will have only a small number of patents to pledge. Contributing even one patent is sufficient for participation and can make a significant difference in helping to further sustainable development.



Wayne Balta      
Vice President, Corporate Environmental Affairs & Product Safety      
IBM Corporation


Marc A. (Sandy) Block      
Intellectual Property      
IBM Corporation


George Weyerhaeuser       
Senior Fellow      
President's Office