UK Citizens don't believe Sustainability Commitment in Public Sector

Found this interesting research conducted by British Telecom on efforts made by the public sector to act sustainable, and perceptions of its citizens.  This makes a good point in how difficult it is to market your green efforts.

100 per cent of organisations* in the sector believe that operating sustainably is important to their reputation. However, only three per cent of citizens** think today’s organisations are honest about what they are doing to become more environmentally or socially responsible, with a third believing organisations exaggerate what they are doing.

Employees** across the public sector displayed similar scepticism. The research found that 43 per cent of employees say their employer is currently doing too little to improve sustainability and nearly a quarter (24 per cent) do not believe that the organisation that they work for is environmentally and socially responsible. Almost one in five (19 per cent) believes that their employer only takes action when forced to by external pressures.