Green Energy Storage maker gets $15 million sites Venture Wire that Deeya received a second round of financing for $15 Million.  What is Deeya Energy?  Their web site has banner ads for temperature insensitive, highly scalable, eco friendlfy, economical, energy storage 2Kw  to 2Mw (2 to 24 hours), fast charging, UPS, inverter systems, 7 year battery life

Deeya Energy is a clean technology start-up developing and manufacturing electrochemical energy storage systems based on its proprietary L-Cell technology. Deeya L-Cells have much better charging and discharging performance while being much cheaper than other batteries. Besides, the L-Cells contain environmentally benign materials and are infinitely recyclable, as opposed to the kinds of materials used in other batteries, such as lead-acid.

"We are really excited about the broad opportunities that Deeya's technology can address, including peak-off-peak Load Shifting, renewable backup for the global solar and wind rollouts and the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) market, particularly for developing regions like India where power availability and quality are significant issues," said Raj Atluru, Managing Director, DFJ.