Novell Executive Gets Green Data Center

Part of what I do is look for those executive who gets Green Data Center.  In this article Joe Wagner from Novell explains the issues of using virtualization in manufacturing data center operations.  From reading his article, and looking at his background Joe understands the issues to go Green.  This is refreshing from a software company.  Part of why Joe got my attention is his Chemical Engineering background.  Many people I run into the green data center area are chemical engineers.  Another company who totally gets the green area is OSIsoft executives.

Virtualization is coming to the forefront none too soon for the manufacturing industry. While virtualization can be a tremendous boost to an enterprise's productivity and environmental policy, without the proper automated management tools in place, you will threaten the very benefits you sought in the first place.

Virtualization's promises of reducing sever sprawl, heating and cooling costs, and power consumption are enticing, but they cannot be attained without effective management in place. With orchestrated management tools that automate critical data center processes, organizations can make virtualization a central component in their green IT strategy.