Sun’s 7 Quick, Simple Steps to Green The Data Center

Found this Sun entry on their Green Data Center page which Sun calls “Eco Responsible Data Centers.”

Quick, Simple Steps to Save Energy

Take these quick actions to save energy and money in your datacenter, and help the planet in just 30 days.

  1. Adjust the thermostat set point to 77°F perASHRAE standards.
  2. Identify and turn off unused machines (typically 8-10% of machines)
  3. Use Sun Eco Assessment Service to fix air flow problems
  4. Enable power management features where available (PowerNow, SpeedStep)
  5. Refresh old servers; use trade-in and rebate programs to help pay
  6. Refresh disk technology (replace <70GB drives with >500GB)
  7. Move old data to tape (tape provides 20x-200x more TB/KW)

The last 2 are good points as many people don’t think of storage as part of their green efforts.