Monitoring Virtualization Sprawl

If you are looking for a tool to monitor virtualization sprawl with a vendor neutral tool.  Cirba is a company you should take a look at.

Monitoring virtualization sprawl is a key feature to look for as virtualization increases the probability of uncontrolled VM growth.

Placing New Workloads to Avoid Resprawl & Excess Capacity

Even a virtualized data center is at high risk of having unnecessary excess hardware. CiRBA audits new applications in staging environments and finds the best place for those applications within existing infrastructure. As part of an overall application deployment process these steps ensure that new hardware is purchased only when all other options are exhausted.

Advanced workload analysis provides utilization
trending so that workloads can be proactively
placed to suit predicted changes

This product is one to compare when thinking of VMware’s Virtual Data Center OS as it is vendor neutral, and we have all learned how important it is to be able to move to another vendor’s technology.

CiRBA’s Placement Intelligence Technology

CiRBA’s software enables IT organizations to operate the most cost effective virtualized data center possible. Only CiRBA’s Placement Intelligence Technology™continually captures and analyzes technical, business, and resource constraints to safely guide workloads to the right physical or virtual infrastructure.

CiRBA Data Center Intelligence

Also on the partner page, found IBM uses this tool.

IBM is a worldwide leader in providing end-to-end server consolidation services. IBM Global Technology Services has standardized world wide on CiRBA for all server consolidation and virtualization services. For more information, visit

And has a range of other technology partners.

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