Apple’s Green MacBook and Display

Apple has been a favorite target for Greenpeace looking at its environmental impact.

With Apple’s new MacBook, they are now marketing the Green features.


Apple is most proud of what isn’t in MacBook.

What’s common in other notebooks is missing in the new MacBook. Take, for example, mercury used in CCFL backlights and arsenic contained in the glass of traditional LCD displays. Apple engineers have said no to both. They’ve chosen LED technology and arsenic-free glass. They’ve also said no to brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in logic boards and PVC in cables and connectors. In fact, Apple has done more than remove these toxins from the new MacBook. They’ve done the same for the rest of the new MacBook family, the Apple LED Cinema Display, every iPod, and iPhone 3G. Sometimes saying no is a good thing.

MacBook laptop's unibody case design

Fewer parts.
Greener parts.

The new MacBook is built with significantly fewer parts. And the parts that remain are significantly greener. Take the unibody, the foundation of the notebook itself. It’s a single piece of solid, recyclable aluminum that replaces dozens of extraneous pieces once destined for landfill.

Small volume speaks volumes.
Slimmer MacBook laptop packaging

Made from recycled material, the new MacBook packaging is 41 percent smaller than the previous generation. And that’s huge. It means less paper used for smaller boxes. It also means Apple can use fewer planes to transport the same number of products.


Buried in Apple’s new laptop announcements is Apple’s Greenest Display.

The greenest Apple display ever.

The LED Cinema Display is the most environmentally friendly display Apple has ever created.

Toxin free

One thing that makes the LED Cinema Display so remarkable is what it lacks. Namely, environmentally harmful mercury. And like the latest-generation iPod, iPhone, and Mac computers, the glass used in the display is arsenic-free. Even the internal cables and components are BFR- and PVC-free.

Highly recyclable

Because of its glass and aluminum construction, the LED Cinema Display is highly recyclable. So when you eventually part with it, rest assured it can be remade into something new.


The LED Cinema Display is designed to meet the low power requirements set by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, giving it the ENERGY STAR certification. The result is a display that reduces energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

EPEAT Gold Rating

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT, ranks the performance of a product throughout its lifecycle according to its environmental attributes. The LED Cinema Display earned the highest rating of EPEAT Gold.