Australia Gov’t To Consolidate 130 Data Centres to 2

Australia IT has an article about NSW gov’t project to consolidate 130 data centres to 2 facilities.

NSW plans data-centre revamp

Fran Foo | October 21, 2008

THE NSW Government has decided to consolidate its 130 data centres into two facilities in a bid to put a lid on maintenance costs and energy consumption, according to the state's chief information officer Emmanuel Rodriguez.

The rationalisation was expected to be completed in 2021, with the Departments of Health and Education as anchor tenants, he said.
The procurement process will kick-off at the end of next year, with work set to begin in mid-2011.
"We have 130 data centres and counting and migration will probably take about 10 years because there are many factors to consider including energy requirements," Mr Rodriguez said.

Creating green data centers is a top priority.

Ms Tebutt was also the NSW Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, a boon for the state's data-centre rationalisation initiative, Mr Rodriguez said.

"We're going to push the green agenda as far as we can," he said.

"At the moment there are fragmented facilities housing these data centres," he said.
"Consolidation will deliver more up-to-date facilities, and increase efficiency, security and ultimately consume less power."

Part of the problem for Australia though is the vast majority of power comes from coal. Australia has the largest Uranium deposits in the world, but is nuclear free as a country.  Solar is difficult due to dust deposits.  And, wind power generation is far from the consumption.

Apart from an approved site in Sydney, TRE's proposal to build a $2 billion, 130,000sqm gas-powered data centre facility across two sites in Hume and Belconnen is still awaiting approval from the ACT's development and environment authorities.