US CTO Candidates, GOOG, AMZN, OR MSFT -Purpose Develop Environmental Friendly Tech

BusinessWeek writes on the idea of Obama’s idea for a US CTO.

The Short List for U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Barack Obama has pledged to name a cabinet-level CTO to oversee a job-creating national broadband buildout if he's elected. Big names abound

By Tom Lowry

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Barack Obama says that the U.S. is not doing nearly enough to create jobs through technology. Shortly after he launched his campaign, the Illinois Senator promised that if elected, he would create the first-ever Cabinet-level post of chief technology officer. The economic crisis has since made it certain that a White House CTO would become one of Obama's most important advisers, should he triumph in November.

Candidates for the job are Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Among the candidates who would be considered for the job, say Washington insiders, are Vint Cerf, Google's (GOOG) "chief internet evangelist," who is often cited as one of the fathers of the Internet; Microsoft (MSFT) chief executive officer Steve Ballmer; Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeffrey Bezos; and Ed Felten, a prominent professor of computer science and public affairs at Princeton University.

Broadband is one focus as well as a $50 billion VC fund for environmental friendly technology.

A White House CTO would be expected to help create incentive programs to expand broadband's reach, particularly tax credits for smaller carriers. But the tech czar would almost certainly be deeply involved in overseeing a federally-backed $50 billion venture capital fund that Obama has proposed to develop more environmentally friendly technology.

It is interesting to imagine a US CTO with one of these high tech executives. Tech company politics are taken to a new level.