Australia’s First High Density Data Centre

Australian IT writes on Australia’s first high-density data centre.

Data centres cluster to trim costs

Mitchell Bingemann | October 28, 2008

AUSTRALIA'S first high-density data centre complex is on track for completion next year, after phase one of its construction.

Data centres cluster to trim costs

Michael Tran says virtual blades are key to cuts

The Data Centre City, being built by Digital Sense at an undisclosed site outside Brisbane, will consist of five high-density data centres, Digital Sense chief executive Michael Tran says.

Due for completion in the second quarter of 2009, Data Centre City will cover 12,500sqm.

Tran says it will have a maximum capacity of 6500W per square metre, compared with about 800W per square metre in traditional data centres.

"In traditional data centre terms, Data Centre City's 12,500qqm will represent about 140,000sqm of floor space," Tran says.

"We are modelling these high-density data centres on the American style, which typically features much larger and higher quality data centres."

High-density data centres differ from traditional data centres in that they virtualise blade servers to achieve greater capacity, power efficiency and big savings in floor space. Digital Sense has completed the first phase of construction with a $300,000 purchase of Sun gear consisting of 20 AMD servers, a tape library and back-up storage systems.