Google looks for Data Center Space in Australia

Data Center Dynamics report rumors Google is looking for Data Center space in Australia.

Google scouts for data centers in Australia

Media reports high level discussions


Google has sent a high level delegation to Australia for a fact finding mission on its viability as a data center location local news media has reported.
According to AustralianIT Google experts have been involved in discussions with data center providers and are reportedly to have been led by Google’s Simon Tusha.
Google Australia spokesman Rob Shilkin said it was still early days: "While we're investing in our Australian operations, we haven't made any decisions about whether we'll locate a data centre here." The company didn't deny having discussions with data centre providers.
The report said that the discussions took place over the last few weeks and involved five US staff.

It’s hard to be Green in Australia, but they do need to be efficient given the cost of power.

One place I am sure Google will visit is Digital Sense given their latest data center capacity and energy efficiency.