HyperPUE, Maximizing Data Center Efficiency

I ran into Google’s Christopher Malone at Data Center Dynamics London.  I was surprised to see Christopher come all the way from Mountain View, CA to London.  I just ran across a term that may describe Christopher’s behavior.  New Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year is HyperMiling.

Hypermiling is a term used in North America that refers to a set of techniques used to maximize fuel economy. Those who practice the techniques are referred to as "hypermilers." The term was originally coined by Wayne Gerdes, who is considered by the media to be one of the top hypermilers in the world,[1] and is known to hold the record for gas mileage in some common vehicles, including 30 miles per gallon (mpg) in an Acura MDX and 59 mpg in a Honda Accord.[2] In 2008, the word hypermiling was selected as the word of the year by New Oxford American Dictionary.[3]

Hypermiling, which can be practiced in any vehicle regardless of its fuel economy, has gained in popularity as a result of the rise in gasoline prices during the 2000s.[4] While common techniques can be carried out by average motorists making minor changes in their driving habits, some expert hypermilers use more advanced techniques, some of which may be illegal in some jurisdictions.[5]

With all the hype from PUE, HyperPUEing seems like a new term that could describe those set of techniques used to maximize data center efficiency.

DataCenterDynamics even chose to make Google’s PUE 1.21 its cover page to launch its new data center magazine.


A few people I can think of in the HyperPUE club are Microsoft’s Mike Manos & Christian Belady, Lee Technologies’s Lee Kirby, Google’s Christopher Malone, Skanska’s Robert Bellatoni, and OSIsoft’s Martin Otterson,

Are you a HyperPUEing?

Stephen Worn – add this to the list of sessions for a future DataCenterDynamics.