HyperMiling, HyperPUE, and now Hyper-Green

HyperMiling was selected the 2008 word of the year by New Oxford American Dictionary.

Making jest I wrote about HyperPUE.

But then I found Hyper-Green, Microsoft’s effort with virtualization. 


One nice thing Microsoft did was add a link to donate  to a NPO

Do something for the environment
Microsoft has donated $20,000 to TechSoup - a nonprofit organization dedicated to refurbishing computers for use by underprivileged communities. This donation will help meet technology needs and reduce e-waste. You can support the movement for cleaner, more accessible technologies by donating to TechSoup as well.

Donate to TechSoup

I wonder if HyperGreen will be a new term as well for the fanatical green efforts and to the extremes of Ed Begley, and Bill Nye the science guy.

Eco-Friendly Competition: Who Can Go Greener?

Actor Ed Begley and 'Science Guy' Bill Nye Vie for Lowest Carbon Footprint

July 25, 2007

In Hollywood, where the streets are supposedly paved with gold, actor Ed Begley is all about green. His passion about energy use and the environment serves as the plotline for his new reality show, "Living With Ed," videotaped at his California home.

Ed Begley and Bill Nye

(abc news)

But something is happening in his little corner of the Hollywood Hills, and Begley is feeling the heat. And it's not from his thermostat.