Another Green Data Center Article, Wells Fargo Shares

If a year ago you tried to get a company to discuss its data center operations, you would have found few willing to talk.  But, Green momentum has more and more companies talking.

Is this due to the data center operations team realizing it is good share or the company’s PR teams looking for green news on how the company is being a better citizen?  It’s probably a little of both.  Here is Wells Fargo sharing some of their details, including what states they are in.

Wells Fargo team shares green tech tips for the data center

Posted by Heather Clancy @ 1:15 pm

In my quest to uncover practical information about what real data center managers are doing to decrease their energy consumption, for real, I recently spoke with two executives from Wells Fargo’s Technology Information Group (TIG).

Scott Dillon, executive vice president and CTO for Enterprise Hosting Services, and Bob Culver, vice president of TIG, are both responsible for enhancing the financial services company’s green technology profile. Here are some of the specific actions they’ve taken for their data centers in Minnesota, Arizona, California and Iowa.

I think a contributing factor is Microsoft’s data center group and Mike Manos & Christian Belady  specifically being out there sharing information.

Now, that data centers are starting to open up, it is becoming easier to go deeper extracting best practices.  Thanks to some networking I am getting in roads to others who want to talk more.

As Mike Manos has said, the biggest obstacle for data center efficiency is information hoarding.

Thanks Mike & Christian for taking the lead in sharing.