HP Server Power Capping

I was reading HP’s press announcement on HP Thermal Logic.

HP Cuts Costs, Triples Data Center Capacity with New Energy-efficiency Technologies, Services

HP today broadened its Green Business Technology initiative with additions to its HP Thermal Logic portfolio that include power-capping server technologies and energy-efficiency services designed to reduce costs and extend the life of data centers.

In traditional data centers, customers invest millions in capital expenditures to create a redundant power infrastructure that maximizes uptime. Additionally, to ensure power availability, IT administrators overprovision server energy.

Given few people appreciate the problem’s the data center facilities staff have to balance power load across circuits, and some zealous virtualization designs to move IT load, HP has an answer by Power Capping their servers.

HP Dynamic Power Capping helps customers reallocate power and cooling resources in the data center by dynamically setting or “capping” the power drawn by the servers. This eliminates the need for overprovisioning by precisely identifying how much power is actually required to run each server and setting a limit based on that usage. As a result, companies reclaim their overprovisioned energy to improve the capacity of their data center.

HP is even promoting it is going to be energy star compliant.

HP is among the first companies working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to qualify servers with an ENERGY STAR® rating. New HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers are expected to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards by early 2009.

DataCenterKnowledge has more info as well.