IBM’s Management and Testing Software Updated for Energy Efficiency, Finally

ZDNet has a blog post regarding IBM’s latest SW announcements, and as the author exclaims, Finally. I agree.

IBM’s management and testing software updated with energy conservation in mind

Posted by Heather Clancy @ 1:20 pm

IBM has said and done plenty about tweaking its server and storage hardware for energy efficiency. Last week, it released some changes to its Tivoli management platform as well as its content management software designed with energy efficiency in mind. The company (finally!) has also started a new program that will help educate its business partners about how to aid their own customers with green technology and data center design projects.

- The Tivoli update layers the Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management module into the Tivoli Usage and Accounting Management Software. This will allow companies to collect energy and power consumption information (sliced and diced by individual, application, service, machine or department) and to assess usage trends.

- A new product from IBM’s software development and testing group, IBM Rational Test Lab Manager, can be used to better-configure both physical and virtual machines as better power consumption citizens. Another new product, Telelogic System Architect, ups the ante when it comes to reporting and managing the impact of technology on a company’s overall green agenda. The latter will be available later this year.

Here is the Tivoli update.


Rational Test Lab.


Telelogic for the Systems Architect.

Telelogic® System Architect® for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis

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