Accenture’s Green IT Around The World Perspective – Aus, Neth, Spain, Japan

Found this post on Accenture’s Green IT blog.  As the author Andrew Skinner, says this is not necessarily a scientific approach, but useful to gain some perspective.

Have you seen a development in clients' interest in Green IT over the past 6-12 months?

  • Australia: Recently we have seen an increase in the focus from the media with regard to Green IT. A number of major events have been planned (such as a symposium and CIO roundtables) and we are beginning to see the topic enter the CIO agenda.
  • Netherlands: Our clients are increasingly interested in the developments in the topic of Green IT, but they still find it very hard to prioritize the topic on the overall IT agenda. When it comes to a discussion about cost or service versus green then the former two topics seem to gain much greater support.
  • Spain: In Spain we have seen an overall interest and movement, but clients are only now beginning to look at establishing Green IT programs. Typically Green IT is a collateral result of projects such as cost reduction or virtualization. Clients are now beginning to see that projects with a different focus can also be used to deliver green benefits.
  • Japan: In Japan we have seen a significant increase of interest in Green IT. We are, on a weekly basis, being asked to present material to interested organizations and external seminars as well as develop proposals for our clients. It is great that Accenture can leverage the work that we have developed on a global basis for these sessions, but even better that we get to feed information back and help set the overall agenda.

It is interesting how the different countries are finding different interest from Sectors in Green IT.

Is there a noticeable difference in interest in Green IT from clients in different industry sectors?

  • Australia: In Australia, it looks like government organizations will take a leadership position early, with other sectors following closely behind. Typically, lT is seen as both an enabler and leader in a client’s wider sustainability goals.
  • Netherlands: I have noticed that all industries are influenced by the growing call for sustainability by regulators and consumers. There is no noticeable difference in interest between industry sectors; the actions a company takes are more dependant on its sustainability strategy and related corporate citizenship programs.
  • Spain: Within the Spanish market the clients within financial services and resources (particularly the utility companies) have taken a strong lead. We are now beginning to see more activity in public sector and from products organizations.
  • Japan: The consumer goods, automotive and retail industry groups within Accenture have taken the lead on a move towards greener IT within Japan and they are potentially leading the drive globally. We have seen little activity within the financial sector at present but this is probably due to external influences. Although resources clients have shown an interest, the impact of Green IT is very small compared with their overall emissions.