Green Lockerbie Data Centre

Lockerbie Data Centres announced its new 800 million pound Scotland project.

Plans to create the world’s largest data centre at Peelhouses outside Lockerbie have been unveiled by Scottish firm, Lockerbie Data Centres Ltd.
A first for Scotland, the £800 million Peelhouses Data Centre and Sustainable Village will give Lockerbie international prestige and make it a leading international centre in I.T. and data storage. The development will enshrine principles of sustainability and address economic, social and environmental aspects of the locality, the region and Scotland as a whole.

Lockerbie Data Centre is emphasizing its Green efforts.


Synopsis: Lockerbie Data Centres Limited propose to develop a sustainable village with a range of land uses on the edge of Lockerbie in Dumfries & Galloway.  The development will enshrine principles of sustainability and address Economic, Social and Environmental aspects of the locality, the region, and Scotland as a whole.  The principal element of the development is a two hundred and fifty thousand square metre data storage facility.  This facility will address a world-wide shortage of data storage capacity, and offset the vast energy inputs required by balancing this with local renewable energy sources and the re-use of energy in a new village that will initially provide up to seven hundred and fifty new homes of mixed tenure.  Commercial and business space suitable for companies and individuals working in the Web-Commerce and I.T. industries will also be incorporated into the layout of the village.  The sustainable credentials of the development are based on a grouping of interdependent and interacting circumstances that this locality can provide and which will benefit the existing community and commerce.


The environmental sustainability of the project draws together a number of locally available factors. The data storage facility requires a great deal of electrical power, mostly for cooling. The cool climate reduces the load required, but that which is required will be provided partially by a new wind farm and an existing bio-mass generation plant just to the north of the site, with backup from the national grid. Unlike most of the existing data centres in existence, the heat produced by the plant will not be lost as exhaust to the atmosphere, but will form the basis of a community heat and power distribution to the benefit of the new housing and commercial space on site, the new sports centre and swimming pool and the new school in Lockerbie, and possibly also to existing residential properties in the town.