Microsoft’s Mike Manos Sr Director of Data Center Services, speaking engagements

I found the following post on Mike Manos's blog. I've seen plenty of people from HP, Intel, Oracle, Sun, and Yahoo speaking at industry events. Microsoft and Google had a noticeable absence. Given Mike's travels to DC, LV, and Orlando, he'll be local for a lot of people.

I'll work on getting a summary from someone who is attending these events. If any of you do attend, feel free to send me your comments, and I'll add them to a blog entry.


03/10/08 - IASA - IT Architect / Regional Conferences 1:45pm - 3pm

Washington, DC



04/01/08  - Data Center World - Keynote Talk 7:45am - 8:45am

Las Vegas, Nevada



04/27/08 - Uptime Institute Symposium / Green Enterprise Computing

Orlando. Florida