Christian Belady's Bottom Line Opinion 10 years ago, We Need A Better System

Microsoft's Christian Belady was going through his old presentations and found a public presentation on The Big Picture, A Philosophical Discussion to Make US Think. Download Cbelady.pdf The presentation is an accumulation of predictions he was making in the late '90s as part of making a case for more efficient computing while at HP.

This topic seemed appropriate as Christian and I sat in a Green IT presentation today from a major IT corporation, and were discussing afterwards with an ex-semiconductor engineer on what has caused companies to make the change to energy efficiency.  Coincidentally, we all had made the realization 10 years ago, and compared how long it took for executives to accept that energy efficiency is an important feature. Even though we had all figure it out, Christian is the one who can point to a specific presentation and putting his predictions out there.

Jumping to the bottom line, here is Christian's call to action:

Power is not just a….
•component problem
•System problem
•Data center problem
•Utility Infrastructure problem
We have a huge opportunity to solve these problems as one system and optimize the solution.

Big Picture
Bottom Line
We need to cooperate to solve these problems on a much larger scale.
Develop consortiums to address these global issues and influence the industry, government and culture proactively.
We need to ensure that we have a better world.

Here are some additional notes Christian provided for his presentation.

This public presentation (first time I talked about all of this externally) was where I talked about the following:

1) 100MW data center was and their water needs - Slide 30

2) How the government is going to care about us  - Slide 32 (data is wrong though) and Slide 34

3) How when China standard of living will increase and really squeeze our energy costs

4) The hypocrisy of how we get all mad that people are burning down the rain forests to live and the US lights up the globe Slide 36

5) My Quote on how data centers will need your own power generation Slide 37

6) How we need to solve as a system Slide 40

7) My bottom line “My Plea for Industry Cooperation and Consortiums” Slide 41